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The Core of Funding Success

We talk about many subjects when it comes to raising business capital, but there are three core issues around which funding success revolves. The more you can demonstrate strength in these areas, the easier it will be for you to get the funding you need on the most favorable terms.

The Problem With Angel Groups

One hears from many sources that angel investor groups are the perfect way for entrepreneurs to raise business capital. Most of the time, this is incorrect. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Lean Startups

What’s the ideal way to fund a new business or grow an existing one? How about having customers provide all the necessary capital.

Bucking Convention

Many entrepreneurs, realizing that a business plan represents a significant investment of time, wonder if they could perhaps create an executive summary and start shopping it around while they work on the full plan …

Lone Wolf or Winning Team

A collaborative effort between entrepreneurs and experts in the capitalization process saves time, properly prepares entrepreneurs for the rigors of raising capital, and leverages the experience of successful capitalization veterans.

Financial Projection Secrets

Most savvy investors feel that start-up financial projections are completely unreliable. So the big question is – how useful are early stage financial projections?

Smart Money and You

Imagine for a moment you’re a hungry entrepreneur who needs capital to launch or grow an exciting business. You finally connect with an angel investor that’s really interested in your deal! The angel looks you in the eye and asks, “Are you looking for smart or dumb money?”

Accredited Investor Reality

If you want a real chance to gain the support of accredited investors, you need to understand the realities of their world.

Myth Busting – The Hundred Million Dollar Startup

Comparatively few companies achieve $100 million in 5 years. Here’s what you need to know, and what you should do about it.

Early Stage Questions

Here are some questions to help guide your thinking as you contemplate capitalizing your business.