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Steve Mortensen – CEO / Senior Consultant

Mr. Mortensen is a successful business development veteran, financial analyst, and serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in operational, management, and executive roles. His expertise includes startups, financial modeling, business process development, marketing and sales, strategic planning, troubleshooting, product development, and international business. He is also proficient in information technologies and many engineering and manufacturing methodologies.

He has raised capital for his own companies, and over the course of a decade developed many proprietary processes and systems that have enabled more than 250 clients to raise tens of millions of dollars and achieve many other positive business outcomes. Mr. Mortensen’s strategic approaches have worked effectively on projects with NASA, Samsung, General Electric, and hundreds of other large and small companies around the world. He is most passionate about helping businesses achieve significant success in the face of major obstacles, which has been a hallmark of his career over the course of several decades.

Mr. Mortensen has enabled companies to successfully penetrate new markets, grow revenue and profit during periods of significant decline, build and sustain effective new distribution channels, triple sales closing ratios, successfully integrate business acquisitions, and much more. He has spent more than 24 months on international assignments throughout Asia, Latin America, and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish and reads several other languages. Mr. Mortensen is an equity holder and active participant in a variety of financial, technology, and business service companies. He has been an active member of The Executive Committee (TEC), a regional business ambassador, and is a published columnist and Eagle Scout.

John Morris – Senior Consultant

Mr. Morris has over 35 years’ experience in finance, operations, marketing and sales, business development, and consumer product development. His expertise includes financial forecasting, financial management, financial reporting, organizational management, human resources, and compliance. He is also well grounded in current computer technologies including hardware, networking, enterprise software, web development, and e-commerce applications.

He enjoyed several decades of significant success in marketing and sales with large multi-national corporations Knight-Ridder and Time Warner. At these companies, he became a divisional leader in marketing and sales growth, and was a respected go-to resource for new marketing and product launch ideas.

Subsequently, Mr. Morris entered the field of business consulting to support the establishment and growth of start-up and emerging companies. All the companies he helped through the startup phase are still in business or have been acquired, and most of his clients were able to double their gross income over a two or three year period. As an entrepreneur, he has launched and grown several of his own companies, and knows from first-hand experience the challenges and opportunities associated with business capitalization and successful growth. Mr. Morris has a B.S. in Educational Psychology, and a Masters in Business Administration and Finance.