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Who We Are and What We Do

Smart Business Capital, Inc. was originally founded as Strategic Business Solutions in 2003 as a consulting firm focused on business development and growth. We’ve enabled hundreds of clients to achieve a wide range of meaningful results. We’ve also created, refined, and proven an array of processes, tools, and support services that help companies get grounded in reality, chart a course to success, secure capitalization, and achieve profitable growth.

We can realistically help most any company advance its business and secure one or more forms of capitalization.

Those who publicize low funding success statistics are generally focused on a fraction of all potential capitalization sources.

We help you see the big picture, dig deep to help you uncover and assess your best possible sources, and provide you with a roadmap and the tools you’ll need for capitalization success.

Our team of high-caliber consultants, analysts, strategists, and operations experts has established a reputation for excellence nationwide. We work with you “in the trenches,” collaborating as team members rather than mountain-top gurus, helping you succeed through intelligent approach, diligent effort, and effective execution.

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