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The Gold Standard

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Smart Business Capital is striving to set the Gold Standard in the field of business capitalization services. We define this standard and differ from other service providers by our relentless focus on:


We are courteous and professional in all of our business relationships. We continuously seek to improve the already high standards of our processes and deliverables. We only work with team members and strategic partners who share this relentless commitment to excellence. You’ll get world-class support in every facet of your relationship with us.


We are determined to help you achieve significant, measurable results every time. Though business is a fluid environment where specific results are impossible to guarantee, our track record demonstrates that positive results can always be achieved. You’ll get extraordinary value from the results of our work.


We deliver what we promise, and don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We are more concerned with substance than appearance, though professional appearance is essential.  You’ll get straight talk from us every time.

The Real World

Regarding the processes and approaches developed by our founder, a long-term client said:

“In all my years in corporate finance, I have met many people who claimed they could help entrepreneurs raise money. Most were ineffective, but Steve is the real deal. He gives clients their best possible chance at success, and does not promise more than he can deliver. His results speak for themselves.”

Thomas Carter, CEO 
Capital Window

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