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Looking for investment capital for your business?

If you need capital to launch or grow your business, we may be able to help.

We’ve developed and refined a real-world process that enables businesses to secure capital at any stage of development. Since 2003 we’ve helped hundreds of clients launch or grow their companies, raise more than $100 million in investment capital in amounts from $50,000 to $15 million, and achieve a wide range of positive outcomes.

As veteran entrepreneurs, strategists, business operators, and finance experts, we know how to secure and effectively deploy capital to drive companies to the next level. We can deliver the guidance, tools and collaborative support you need to fund your business and achieve your goals, something like the way a co-pilot supports the pilot of an aircraft.

The Five Critical Things You Need to Raise Capital

The Process

Smart Business Capital has developed, refined and proven a capitalization process with hundreds of clients that maximizes their potential for success.  The process includes:

  • analyzing your business from the perspective of investors,
  • identifying challenges and reasonable approaches for addressing them,
  • putting together a professional investment package,
  • approaching those investors most likely to have interest in your deal and the ability to help fund it,
  • developing a relationship of trust with investors that will ultimately fund your deal,
  • repeating the final steps of the process until you have secured all the capital you need.

We can help you chart your course, create the tools, hone your investor approach and presentation skills, and close deals.

Does It Work?

Here’s what a recent client had to say.

Contact us to discuss your needs and challenges.  We can then outline a course of action so you can decide if our approach makes sense to pursue together.