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Expertise and Solutions


Business Owners

Our team has decades of experience in entrepreneurship, raising capital, small business finance and valuation, operations, sales and marketing, technology, measuring business opportunities, as well as creating and executing strategic and tactical plans. This expertise has been distilled into processes and approaches that have been proven time and again for clients in many industries and all development stages.

We blend the elements of our expertise, process, and implementation methodologies into a tightly focused suite of consultation services to support intelligent business establishment, capitalization, growth, and profitability. Whether you are looking to launch a business from the back of a napkin, take your business to the next level, or prepare your company for a significant liquidity event, we can help.

Investors and Advisors

High growth businesses represent tremendous financial opportunities for private equity investors. Who wouldn’t want to be on the ground floor of a company that goes from zero to over a billion dollars in market capitalization in just a few years? It still happens, though not with the frequency entrepreneurs envision.

If you’re an experienced equity investor or investment advisor, you understand the multitude of special challenges associated with finding high quality deals, conducting due diligence, making private equity investments that produce little or no return the majority of the time, and achieving a home run exit every once in a while that makes it all worthwhile. We understand these challenges, and we believe we can help improve the situation in a significant way.

Strategic Partners

If your company supports the small business capitalization or business development industries, we offer unique ways to add value to your offering, further distinguish your company from competitors, and achieve it without increasing your fixed overhead. We may even be able to help you sell more of your own products and services by integrating our expertise in what you currently do.