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Early Stage Questions

Here are some questions to help guide your thinking as you contemplate capitalizing your business.

Preparing for Five Hurdles

Here are five key hurdles investors will expect you to be well prepared to address. Failure to comply will often disqualify you from further consideration.

Is Your Business Fundable?

Different capital sources define “fundable” in a variety of ways. We’ll approach the subject by evaluating if your business has a reasonable chance of securing investment capital from well-aligned funding sources.

Committment and Capitalization

If you are fully committed to getting funded, you will make the sacrifices necessary to prepare properly so investors will take you seriously. Check your committment level here.

A Harsh Reality

Some small businesses don’t deserve to survive. Here’s a smart way to avoid the pain and loss associated with failure.

93 Percent of Business Funding

While aspiring entrepreneurs can learn much from angel investors and venture capitalists about getting funded, 93 percent of small business funding comes from somewhere else. Somewhere that shares key viewpoints of high profile investors, but also takes many other issues into account. Things that are usually much more favorable to business owners.

An Essential Unspoken Truth

When raising money, there’s at least one truth that’s difficult for entrepreneurs and investors to candidly discuss, even though it’s a vital factor in the decision-making process of most investors.